And Now, For the iPhone-Less


Not everyone has, or even wants, an iPhone. For you, we have the original (actually, the all-new, updated, revised), hard copy, two-kilo, 1044-page bright red, much beloved How to Cook Everything. Right. The Book. Sign up for our newsletter: we’re giving away three copies to randomly selected winners, today. (We print out the new subscribers, paste the page to a wall, and throw darts. Natch.)



16 thoughts on “And Now, For the iPhone-Less

  1. Woot… just as well that I don’t have an i phone! Would love to own such a delicious book, 2 kilos of it! Now to go and splat myself on the wall, and wait for the dart! Thank you!!

  2. We would love to have a copy of HTCE! It would really help us figure out what to do with all the veggies, grain and eggs (and future pastured, organically raised milk and meat animals) we will be growing on our new homestead. 😉

  3. We, which is to say my wife as cook and myself as beneficiary, are well on the way to wearing out our second hardcover copy of HTCE. This reflects, I think, the contents’ quality, rather than the binding’s lack thereof. I’ve subscribed, and posting this will decrease the odds of my winning a new copy, but I’m doing so anyway.

  4. Oh how I would love to have this – even though I am sure that not living in the US totally disqualifies me – I long to cook everything!

  5. I have the old edition and the pages are getting stuck together since it’s the most used book in the house. I need the new edition!!

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