Bill Clinton a Vegan?

Pretty cool!

11 thoughts on “Bill Clinton a Vegan?

  1. Sorry Mark — The Prez is taking a stronger stand for health than your cookbook calls for. Giving him a copy of your new cookbook would set him back with its plentiful meat-based recipes, not move him forward. You need to catch up with the near-vegan Prez and create a cookbook appropriate for him and others. The Food Matters Cookbook is not it.

  2. I love this! The more voices advocating this kind of eating, the better. Now we just need a "red" vegan to make sure people across the political spectrum hear the message. Mark, perhaps you should start inviting former presidents to appear in Minimalist videos…

  3. I’m with Sarah. He mentioned eating fish, and he’s trying to be healthier and have less of an impact – why is this a bad thing?

  4. ah. your initial post has changed. now i love you again! because let me just tell you – all your vegan options in how to cook vegetarian? fairly muchly rock my world hardcore.

  5. @veganoutreach – Clinton makes no mention of the impact on animals or the environment – which I found disappointing to a degree. He altered his diet purely for health reasons, which is a good thing to be sure. His new ‘pescaveg’ lifestyle was purely to prolong his life, or at least he hopes that it will. The jury is still out on his medical claims, but he certainly will live longer without daily jogs to McDonalds!

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