The Minimalist: Coconut-Sweet Potato Pie

A lighter, more flavorful version of traditional sweet potato pie.


2 thoughts on “The Minimalist: Coconut-Sweet Potato Pie

  1. Where can you find unsweetened coconut? I went to three different stores and struck out before giving up, so decided to make a different sweet potato dish. If you have to use sweetened coconut, how do you alter the recipe?

  2. I measured the crust ingredients carefully, mixed minimally, but after baking it for the seven minutes empty, the sides of the crust had slid down and the bottom crust had a 1/8-inch-deep pool of butter on top. Re-pressed the sides up, baked some more, same thing. Finally, added another layer of graham cracker crumbs and baked some more. Still looked unctuous, but as it cooled it solidified somewhat. Anyway, had to use it … not enough ingredients left to start over and family waiting.The pie ended up tasting great; the filling worked without a hitch, though the crust did remain fairly slick. What went wrong? Also: Whole Foods sells unsweetened coconut (as do health food stores) . I’ve bought it at Kalustyan’s (near me, in NYC). I would omit the sugar from the crust if using sweetened coconut

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