Charred, Soy-Marinated Mackerel


By Daniel Meyer

A good treatment for mackerel: dunk a few fillets in soy sauce, mirin (optional) and a little sesame or peanut oil (some garlic and ginger would be good, too.) Let the mackerel marinate while you heat a grill or broiler, the hotter the better. (For concentrated heat, I’ve started grilling directly over a chimney starter.) Grill or broil the fillets until nicely charred on both the flesh and skin side, and just cooked through, 2 or 3 minutes per side if your heat is really cranked up. Serve over rice with scallions and sesame seeds (kimchi and and an egg yolk are a treat, but by no means necessary.)


2 thoughts on “Charred, Soy-Marinated Mackerel

  1. That looks amazecraze…and thanks to Casson Trenor (who restored my tastebuds in favor if oily fish)…I would eat every last yummy bite.

  2. Nice chimney grill you’ve got going there. Hardwood or briquettes? If the former, what type of wood?Seems to me this would be good with any of these fish: aji, katsuo, iwashi (the larger the sardine the better), ha-gatsuo, hamachi, shima-aji, if the more intense oil content in saba and sawara aren’t your thing. Though I would recommend a quarter to half of marination time on my fish suggestions than Mark’s.

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